Environmental Best Practice 

Carraig Mhor has adopted the following environmental practices 

  • Installation of energy efficient lights. Energy efficient lights have been installed wherever possible. Choosing energy efficient globes generally costs more initially but they last much longer and use less power saving money over time. We are conscious of turning lights off when leaving a room and when closing up at night. Torches are provided for guests for night-time use. Timers are used for lighting stairways 
  • Reduced use of Stand-By Power. Stand by power is the power used by appliances when they have been switched off using a remote control or even switched off at the appliance. We are conscious of the impact that stand by power has on significant greenhouse gases and costs, therefore we ensure computers, printers, TVs, DVDs, mobile phone chargers andother electrical appliances are turned off at the power point when not in use. 
  • Laundry is an area where we can reduce our environmental footprint with the assistance of guests. As best practice we replace all towel and bedding after every guest stay and after three days if the room is let to the same guest. We tumble-dry or line-dry towels every day but will leave them to dry slowly in your room if requested. 
  • Refrigeration and freezers are one of the biggest household energy users. We keep our refrigerator in good working order by ensuring seals are clean and in good condition to increase efficiency. 
  • Paper saving and recycling Carraig Mhor has reduced its printing by better use of electronic communication, marketing and record keeping systems. Printing defaults to grey scale to reduce use of colour toners. We ensure that waste paper is recycled or used as note paper. Additionally we purchase stationary made from recycled products. 
  • Use environmentally friendly products that are recognised as biodegradable. Micro-fibre cloths are used to reduce the use of chemicals. 
  • Reducing use of private transportation Carraig Mhor encourages cycling, walking and the public bus system for sightseeing and makes readily available timetables and local transport information. We have substantially reduced the use of our vehicle and whenever possible trips are multi-purpose. 
  • Waste management has improved with guests being provided with recycling bins, thus increasing our volume of recyclable waste and reducing land-fill waste. Guests are advised not to buy water as our local supply tastes great. 
  • Support local businesses. Where possible Carraig Mhor always buys locally and uses local products.  
  • Supports environmental projects on Arran We actively support and publicise to our guests the work of COAST and the no-take area and other environmental concerns on Arran. We keep our guests informed of the Countryside Code and promote sustainable enjoyment of the countryside and its flora and fauna. 
  • We also promote and use Fair Trade products.


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