Carraig Mhor Green Policy  

Carraig Mhor has made a strong commitment to environmental best practice and the promotion of environmentally friendly policies. We aim to continually improve and to identify additional opportunities that will assist our business to operate in a more environmentally responsible manner. We also aim to encourage our visitors and others in our local community to do likewise. 

Through a philosophy of ‘rethink, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle’ we will identify, manage and reduce our environmental footprint by 

  • Minimising harmful emissions by further reducing our consumption of power, water and fuel 
  • Reducing waste-to-landfill by improving recycling practices 
  • Considering environmental factors when making purchasing decisions 
  • Working closely with our guests to continually improve our management of environmental issues 
  • Regularly monitoring our environmental performance 
  • Incorporating environmental management considerations into our business plans and management practices 
  • Actively promoting and encouraging the adoption of ecologically sustainable work practices and operations within our organisation 
  • Making this policy available to Carraig Mhor guests in the visitor information pack and on our website.

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