We welcome differently abled visitors but unfortunately due to the historic layout and architectural constraints of the building we do not have a ground floor bedroom.
Sorry, but we cannot accept pets (apart from caged animals in small cages who may stay in our, cool in summer, warm in winter, utility room for £2 per night). Obviously, the exception to this is guide dogs and assistance dogs who are welcome at no extra charge.


'Friendlies at Carraig Mhor Bed and Breakfast'


We are family friendly, eco-friendly, gay friendly and welcome cyclists, walkers, golfers, sailors and individuals of all kinds.  In fact, we welcome all regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, political views or religious beliefs. (If we haven't mentioned your group or you, sorry -but we are 'you' friendly too!).

And if you just want to be left alone without us being 'friendly' that's fine too.

Green Policy

Environmental Best Practice 

Carraig Mhor has adopted the following environmental practices 

  • Installation of energy efficient lights. Energy efficient lights have been installed wherever possible. Choosing energy efficient globes generally costs more initially but they last much longer and use less power saving money over time. We are conscious of turning lights off when leaving a room and when closing up at night. Torches are provided for guests for night-time use. Timers are used for lighting stairways 
  • Reduced use of Stand-By Power. Stand by power is the power used by appliances when they have been switched off using a remote control or even switched off at the appliance. We are conscious of the impact that stand by power has on significant greenhouse gases and costs, therefore we ensure computers, printers, TVs, DVDs, mobile phone chargers andother electrical appliances are turned off at the power point when not in use. 
  • Laundry is an area where we can reduce our environmental footprint with the assistance of guests. As best practice we replace all towel and bedding after every guest stay and after three days if the room is let to the same guest. We tumble-dry or line-dry towels every day but will leave them to dry slowly in your room if requested. 
  • Refrigeration and freezers are one of the biggest household energy users. We keep our refrigerator in good working order by ensuring seals are clean and in good condition to increase efficiency. 
  • Paper saving and recycling Carraig Mhor has reduced its printing by better use of electronic communication, marketing and record keeping systems. Printing defaults to grey scale to reduce use of colour toners. We ensure that waste paper is recycled or used as note paper. Additionally we purchase stationary made from recycled products. 
  • Use environmentally friendly products that are recognised as biodegradable. Micro-fibre cloths are used to reduce the use of chemicals. 
  • Reducing use of private transportation Carraig Mhor encourages cycling, walking and the public bus system for sightseeing and makes readily available timetables and local transport information. We have substantially reduced the use of our vehicle and whenever possible trips are multi-purpose. 
  • Waste management has improved with guests being provided with recycling bins, thus increasing our volume of recyclable waste and reducing land-fill waste. Guests are advised not to buy water as our local supply tastes great. 
  • Support local businesses. Where possible Carraig Mhor always buys locally and uses local products.  
  • Supports environmental projects on Arran We actively support and publicise to our guests the work of COAST and the no-take area and other environmental concerns on Arran. We keep our guests informed of the Countryside Code and promote sustainable enjoyment of the countryside and its flora and fauna. 
  • We also promote and use Fair Trade products.


Accessibility Statement

We welcome everyone at Carraig Mhor. If you have any specific questions or special requirements please e-mail or telephone us.
House layout
Carraig Mhor is on two levels, ground and first floor. There is a turning staircase of 16 steps to the first floor. There is a handrail on the right. The Waverley and Glen rooms are both upstairs. Each is in its own private corridor and is served by a bathroom or shower room. A curtain at the end of each corridor provides total privacy enabling residents to enjoy the use of their bedroom/s and bath/shower rooms with all the advantages of en suite facilities.

There is a small step into the front door. The ground floor is level throughout.
There is parking available immediately outside the house for one vehicle and free public parking across the road.
We welcome assistance dogs and are happy to exercise and feed them on request.

All rooms have opening windows.

Menu, guest welcome information and safety information are available in large print on request.
Cordless kettles are provided.

Guests are provided with a front door key on check in.
Bedrooms are supplied with a well-stocked beverage tray. If you wish for any items to be removed please let us know.

‘Waverley’ bedroom has a main ceiling light, controlled from a switch near the door. There are also recessed ceiling lights above the bed, controlled from a switch, at waist height, beside the bed and also bedside lights at either side of the bed (when let as a double room) and at each bedside (when let as a twin room).A torch is provided in the bedside cabinet drawer.
Duvets have synthetic filling.
Pillows are both duck and goose down and luxury synthetic filling enabling guests to choose their preferred ‘top’ pillow

Shower room
The adjacent shower room (on the Waverley room’s own private corridor) has a pull-string light. The shower is electric. Part of this room has a sloping ceiling with a Velux window. A 240V and 110V shaving point is located to the left of the mirror, above the wash handbasin.

‘Glen’ is a flexible suite of rooms offering accommodation for two people or up to five in two bedrooms. It comprises a twin room, a double with ample room for a Zed bed and a bathroom with over-bath shower. If either the twin or double are occupied the other room with not be let. Glen is down its own private corridor which is curtained off to give the corridor complete privacy.

  • Twin. This room has a main, ceiling light controlled from a switch near the door and also bedside lamps on bedside cabinets beside each bed. A torch is also provided.
  • Double (available from September 2014) and optional additional single ‘guest’ Zed bed. This room has a main, central ceiling light operated by a switch near the door and a reading lamp above the centre of the double bed. A bedside lamp will also be provided if the additional single bed is required.

Bath/ shower
The private bathroom for ‘Glen’ has a bath with an over-bath shower. The shower is run off the mains water. A 240V and 110V shaving point is to the left of the over-handbasin mirror. Part of this room has a sloping roof.

Mobile signal for many networks is very intermittent in the part of Lamlash where Carraig Mhor is situated. If you need to make a call please ask us. A cordless telephone can be made available for guest use, on request.

  • Free WiFi is available and we provide an access code to guests.
  • Guests are provided with a front door key.
  • People with nut allergies should be aware we do sometimes use nuts in the kitchen
  • We are non-smoking throughout in accordance with Scottish law.


Carraig Mhor Bed and Breakfast
Isle Of Arran, KA27 8LS

Tel 01770 600081
Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.